Odyssey Electric Aircraft

The Odyssey is a lightweight composites electric aircraft from the brain of Russ Emanis. The Odyssey is intended to highlight lightweight composites and home built aircraft by being a technological showcase built through the Advanced Composite Infusions program with EAA Airventure Oshkosh. Background: Russell Emanis is composites process consultant who started with surfboards in his […]

Desktop Pro Vaporizer

The Desktop Pro Vaporizer is a laboratory grade vaporizer designed in co-operation with Onsen Labs.  This device was designed around Onsen Labs desire to have an all inert airpath consisting of materials which were known for low or no off gassing.   Airflow is heated by a ceramic element, flowing through borosilicate glass, and titanium screen […]


DryFeet is the creation of Jerry Durr, who was sick of his feet getting wet in winter while taking ride share or taxi’s in the midwest.   DryFeet creates a small basin to collect water and allows the driver to remove and drain, keeping water off the customers feet and protecting the footwells of the car […]

Moto and Lotus

The Moto and Lotus watches are conceptual designs based around the ETA 2842 movement. The hour hand is fixed with a rotating dial hidden below a fixed face with windows exposing the hour indicator. Both designs are based around rapid prototyping using DMLS, SLA, and SLS components with over the counter glass and band fitment. […]

Surgical Tools

Josh Gore Works has a long history of modeling, reverse engineering, and designing surgical and dental instruments for one of the premier manufacturers. Attached is a catalog of instruments which are either original concepts or modeling projects in pursuit of updated manufacturing technologies. Goals include design for manufacturability, ergonomics, 3d scanning and geometry duplication including […]

Tiny Whoop Drones

 P2 Tiny Whoop Carbon Reinforced Racing DroneCarbon Reinforced frame with 1mm carbon rods + 2mm cf rods. Download 3D Model From Grabcad  Tiny Whoop p1 with 7mm motorsCarbon Reinforced frame with 1mm carbon rods + 2mm cf rods. Download 3D Model From Grabcad Related Post JGW/NP Customs Drone (Boxer Prototype 1)

Microphone Enclosure

Sometimes a project stumbles into your lap through channels you don’t expect.  In this case a long time friend was working with a musician on their live tour engineering when he had an idea.  What if we could use some of the more delicate and sensitive studio microphones on stage.  He reached out and we […]

Funny Fork – FF-01/02

The Funny Fork project started as the simple desire to understand the handling characteristics of suspensions systems which were non telescopic in nature.  Having few modern interpretations of linkage suspension systems available to test and tinker, I set about creating one.  My goal was a prototype which would allow for a variety of setup options […]

Induction Heater – Flame Free Torch

Induction Innovations Inc. approached JGW about improving their popular Mini Ductor II.  Primary goals included reduction in size, the addition of a trigger for improved ergonomics as well as  a quick release for simpler coil installation and use.  An aggressive strategy was taken to bring prototypes to SEMA 2015, with a Q1 2016 launch.     […]

Carbon Bicycle Stem

This stem was designed, and manufactured as a case study for understanding the application of low volume, rapid cycle time, soft tooling in producing high end bicycle components.  The ability to have non uniform wall thickness allows for the creation fine details and engineered shapes such as internal ribbing or integrated components.  Styling, Mold Design, Machine […]

Carbon Bicycle Brake Rotor

In 2011 while validating composite materials for use in Surgical Instrumentation JGW was introduced to SIOC materials and the process to produce green and cured carbon ceramic matrix materials.  Carbon Ceramic Matrix materials have great strength to weight properties as well as the ability to maintain this strength while producing a suitable braking surface for friction […]

Dragon Boat

Dragon Boats are a popular form of racing human powered boat racing which has a strong enthusiast and fan following. One of those enthusiasts approached JGW with a desire to produce a scale model to be built and decorated to match the fans favorite race teams. This required the 3d scanning of a dragon boat […]