Since 2002 I have been designing, engineering and fabricating as a career, and a passion.  Over the years I have been honored to work with truly great companies, bleeding edge technologies, and awesome people.


Personally I have been focused heavily on Bicycles and Automotive fields, but I have been fortunate to build from experiences in a variety of industries working towards a variety of Aesthetic, Design, and Engineering goals.

Josh Gore Works is the home of my for hire design portfolio as well as a place to showcase and sell my prototype and production products.
If you are interested in my products or services  email [email protected] or call 2016-04-08 11_04_29-Google Voice - Inbox (160) View Joshua Gore's profile on LinkedIn

Joshua Gore – Resume



  • ALTERNA CYCLES – Prototype 1 
    Responsibilities:  Designed, engineered and fabricated electric cycle including seat and bodywork and mountain equipment.
  • Microphone Enclosure 
    Responsibilities:  Designed, engineered and fabricated custom microphone enclosure for sensitive studio microphones to be used on stage, protected from wind, and shock.
  • Wireless VR Headset Composite Production
    Responsibilities:  Finalized internal design and engineering with Industrial Design provided by  Rapid prototype tooling, prepreg composite construction in house.
  • Funny Fork FF-01/02 Experimental Prototypes
    Responsibilities:  Designed, engineered and fabricated single sided linkage suspension fork for the purposes of testing and understanding alternate suspension wheel paths and the combined effects of decreased or increased rake and trail.  SingleTrack Magazine , Youtube Channel 
  • Induction Heating Tool
    Responsibilities:  Complete project from Industrial Design to Production including novel IP.