Surgical Tools

Josh Gore Works has a long history of modeling, reverse engineering, and designing surgical and dental instruments for one of the premier manufacturers. Attached is a catalog of instruments which are either original concepts or modeling projects in pursuit of updated manufacturing technologies. Goals include design for manufacturability, ergonomics, 3d scanning and geometry duplication including […]

Wireless VR Headset by Serious Simulations

Although this project is still in development it’s time to share some progress.  Serious Simulations reached out to JGW looking to move their Industrial Design by Peter Solomon Design into a prototype package.   This involved some engineering and design as well as prototype tooling for a Carbon Fiber portion of the enclosure.  Due to the time […]

Carbon Tube Testing

It’s time to build a fixture to test carbon tubing.  For this project I am testing a 41mm tube with both bending and torsional loads as well as a combination of both.  The purpose of this test is to compare tube layup options as well as bonding and substrates.  The fixture will use a 2in […]

Carbon Bicycle Stem

This stem was designed, and manufactured as a case study for understanding the application of low volume, rapid cycle time, soft tooling in producing high end bicycle components.  The ability to have non uniform wall thickness allows for the creation fine details and engineered shapes such as internal ribbing or integrated components.  Styling, Mold Design, Machine […]

Carbon Bicycle Brake Rotor

In 2011 while validating composite materials for use in Surgical Instrumentation JGW was introduced to SIOC materials and the process to produce green and cured carbon ceramic matrix materials.  Carbon Ceramic Matrix materials have great strength to weight properties as well as the ability to maintain this strength while producing a suitable braking surface for friction […]