I do not provide services or consultation.

Design Engineering

Rates: Minimum Project 24 Hours 

Deliverables: 3d Models (formats listed above), Drawings with Material Properties and Manufacturing Tolerances.

Use Case:  You are an individual inventor looking to move to prototype or production. 
Use Case:  You sell a product and require a new widget manufactured for a given process and require modeling, design, or drawings to go to production. 


We design and engineer your product around the performance metrics, manufacturing requirements and material properties specified, or determined. We work from your concepts, sketches, or existing models or diagrams.  Project results in 3d models for 3d printing or manufacturing and drawings for quote and quality control. 

Product Development

Rates: TBD – Minimum 80 hrs

Deliverables: Market Research and Development, Conceptual Drawings, Testing results, 3d Models(formats listed above), Intellectual Property, Manufacturing Drawings with Properties and Tolerances.

Use Case:  You have an idea and goal for producing a profit from manufacturing and selling a product and require turnkey product development from napkin to store shelf.


We work to solve your product problem from the ground up. You specify what you want, we produce conceptual drawings, prototype and test, engineer and design then validate with you and your customer base. Helping you with supply chain and product rollout.

Wheel Man

Rates:  2 Day minimum 

Deliverables: Speed, and a comprehensive understanding of vehicle dynamics leading to information informing setup or inspection of vehicle.  I am gentle on drivetrains and adept at dealing with difficult to drive vehicles.  Other specialties include electric or hybrid drivetrains and suspension systems.

Use Case:  You have a track or race car which requires setup or engineering to achieve a result or solve a problem. 
Use Case:  You have a car that needs to be driven fast for film, or exhibition.  


I drive for you.  Road or Track.  Transportation,  Race and Track car setup, PPI (Compression, Leakdown, and Alignment), or customer defined (shakedown, NVH, etc..)


-Keep in mind I am also over 6 feet so I will not fit into some open wheel vehicles.
-Services may include outside consultation.

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