The Alterna Concept 1 Prototype is the general testing rig for motor, battery, and drivetrain components which are being tested for use in the  Alterna Concept 3.  The Concept 1 was built for short term use and made to allow for testing either mid drive or hub drive motors.  Besides validating motor and battery packaging the Concept 1 was designed with a seat and minimal bodywork for purposes of testing how fixed seating positions work with both aggressive riding or commuting.  So far this unit has been tested in urban commuter environments and offroad trail riding and anything in between.

The Concept 1 has been a blast and has contributed greatly to the development of our production product.   During that process we have come to love the simple packaging of a rigid hardtail we are considering offering the Concept 1 as a production item.  If you are interested please sign up below.


Concept 1 Prototype Development

Concept 1 Renderings

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