The Moto and Lotus watches are conceptual designs based around the ETA 2842 movement. The hour hand is fixed with a rotating dial hidden below a fixed face with windows exposing the hour indicator. Both designs are based around rapid prototyping using DMLS, SLA, and SLS components with over the counter glass and band fitment.

The Lotus watch was inspired by my Brothers family and his new daughter named Lotus. I have always felt the lotus flower has a very pleasing natural symmetry and chose to integrate it and its leaves as a foundational element in the design. The Lotus Watch uses a steel DMLS steel body and back cover, and lotus flower minute and seconds hands, with an SLA hour dial painted to fill the Lotus window on the hour.

The Moto Watch is of similar construction, with a fixed face with moving dial behind the face and minute and second hands above the face. The Moto is a lighter construction with resin construction on the body with a partially glass rear cover showcasing watch internals. The design is inspired by german dashboards and the pretty sprockets used in motocross in the 70’s.

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