Nuclear Powered – Solar System Hopping – Runabout FS / built to order… see EPA about exhaust…

In 1950’s as Freeman Dyson puts it, the Russians had Sputnik existential threat, so if you were a scientist looking for money you had a target market, and subsequently why the Orion Project was born.  The Orion project was a Nuclear powered, heavy ship built ‘more like a submarine’, in the words of Dyson. “It […]

We won an award: The PTEN

The Mini Ductor Venom is the 2016 PTEN Innovative Specialty Tool Award Winner. Elgin, Illinois – August 5, 2016 – Induction Innovations, Inc. today announces that the Mini-Ductor Venom portable induction heater has been selected for a 2016 Innovation Award by PTEN. Venom was selected from 111 product nominations. Evaluated by a panel of judges […]

Modern Processors: How its made.

This is about as concise a description I have heard on how modern CPU’s and other hardware is produced.   The Sound of Atoms Bonding video shows some of these pictures at the single atom level, as well as the accompanied music produced. Some clarification on the CPU manufacturing.  Some of this video he is talking […]

FF-01 – Update # 2

Overview: It’s been about a month now since first trail testing the FF-01 and although it is too early to make claims about performance,  handling or ride characteristics, it is exciting to know the FF-01 is daily handling the tasks of trail riding.   Upgrades during Update  #1 were successful and there is no feedback either […]

Tastes Change

A grasp of the psychological mechanism behind taste may not change our sense of what we find beautiful, but it can prevent us from reacting to what we don’t like with simple disbelief.  We should know to ask at once what people would have to lack in order to see an object as beautiful and […]

Anvils, a brief history of heavy metal.

A new channel I can’t get enough of. Essential Craftsman. Essential Craftsman.   A reprint from “The American Blacksmith” September 1914   While everyone is familiar with the anvil of today in its high state of development and graceful lines, it is doubtful i very many, even blacksmiths of the present age, would recognize the […]

FF-01 – Update # 1

Overview:   Week 1 was a blast.  I had some time at Kettle and some time around the neighborhood but  also had my first broken part.  The part which broke was intended to be produced out of titanium but at the time it was not ready to ride so I produced an aluminum part in […]

The Vee: Part 2

The Vee had made the journey from Ann Arbor Michigan back to Illinois and that’s where things got interesting.  After it was decided the cockpit was impossibly tight, the task of creating a new one had to begin.  It was decided early that the 4×4 based steel lower frame rails would stay.  These rails held the […]

Aesthetic Contrast, Ideas and Ideals.

Le Corbusier was a Swiss architect, designer, planner, and all around aesthetics powerhouse best known for pioneering Modernism in architecture.  He built the above impractically beautiful building in 1927, yes that ‘vintage’ car in the photograph is in fact period correct.  The construction of cars still following the aesthetic ques derived from the mass production manufacturing […]

Summer Audio Dump ’16

It seems a common phenomenon to be transported back in time, or place based on a song, album, or some other sensory distraction.   Unlike a computer, my memory has, with time, blurred this meta data together and it’s in that fog that it would be helpful to have a rough log of the music which captured my attention […]

Carbon Tube Testing

It’s time to build a fixture to test carbon tubing.  For this project I am testing a 41mm tube with both bending and torsional loads as well as a combination of both.  The purpose of this test is to compare tube layup options as well as bonding and substrates.  The fixture will use a 2in […]

Mini Ductor Venom

A long time coming, the Mini Ductor Venom production build is finally assembled.  Fit, function and appearance exceeded many of my expectations and early feedback from users and buyers are thumbs up.   It’s always nice when the completion of a project means a new tool for my garage.   To learn more about the […]

Funny Front Ends: Part 1

The ubiquity of the telescopic fork is something i’ve always thought to be a curious subject.  The absence of  linkage forks in OEM applications, outside of BMW, and a few other niche products, is often attributed to their ‘feel’ being very different than  telescopic forks.   This difference in feel is related to the objective differences in wheel-path […]

The Standing Desk 1.0

This looks nothing like a standing desk, but place it on another desk and it works perfectly, but so would any end table.  As an end table I like it too but my intention wasn’t to build furniture but rather to weld and make a standing desk. I had some leftover tubes from the Formula […]

The new blog.

I’ve decided to start using a blog as a means of documenting my progress on a number of personal projects as well as archiving some from the past. In other news, the Mini Ductor Venom is moving into production  and with that comes finishing touches.  It’s great seeing parts to print, and hard work put […]