It’s been about a month now since first trail testing the FF-01 and although it is too early to make claims about performance,  handling or ride characteristics, it is exciting to know the FF-01 is daily handling the tasks of trail riding.   Upgrades during Update  #1 were successful and there is no feedback either way besides the measurable increase in stiffness with the addition of Intermediate Modulus carbon.

After focusing early on short trail loops and limiting exposure to risk, the FF-01 has finally seen itself pushed in more demanding trail conditions with positive results.  When pushed faster and harder it becomes obvious that the dampening circuit in the shock used has been designed for rear applications and subsequently custom tuning is likely required.   Currently with only a couple shocks available for testing the focus has been on achieving a similar base travel and geometry which will allow for back to back testing with telescopic alternatives.

Coming Tests:

  • Figure 8 Speed
  • Simple Slalom
  • Bend Strength in Fixture

Coming Updates:

  • Longer Travel, custom  Tuned Damper
  • Modified LTW Swingarm