Visiting a friend gave me the opportunity to spend some time testing the FF-01 and 02 on unfamiliar terrain, most of which had about 10x the elevation my usual ride contains.  This trip started as a tour which went south, but why leave Oregon if you don’t have to?  So far we haven’t and it may stay that way.

Things started out at Rockaway Beach, it was wet and the tent leaked, nothing a tarp didn’t fix. Luckily we had some time sheltered from the rain during dinner with good company.

Staying in Oregon meant we needed a game plan; a trip to Universal Cycles and some advice from their staff had us headed to Sandy Ridge as our first stop.

Sandy Ridge Trail System


An hour out of the gate we were at the top, and 15 minutes later we were really at the top as the paved road gave way to some single track switchbacks before exposing some amazing views.  Our route was given by some locals in the lot whos advice was solid and took us this way down:

  1. Rock Drop
  2. Quid Pro Flow
  3. Three Thirty Eight
  4. Two Turntables and a Microwave
  5. Hide and Seek

Sandy River is a man made trail system so the features are tight and technical at times but if you can handle the switchbacks the singletrack is fast and fun.   This was our first visit but i’m looking forward to going back, this time with some trail experience maybe I will keep my fingers off the brakes more, and legs pinning the pedals.