Overview:   Week 1 was a blast.  I had some time at Kettle and some time around the neighborhood but  also had my first broken part.  The part which broke was intended to be produced out of titanium but at the time it was not ready to ride so I produced an aluminum part in the interim, carnage above.
Other feedback, Torsional strength exceeds expectations and the clamping capacity of a Thompson stem.  Bend stiffness needs improvement and is most noticeable under compression and while braking.

Riding:  Trails were kept to some short loops with lots of inspection and limited risk lines.  Transition from turn in to full tire load is smooth and confidence inspiring .  Great feeling while riding off steep small obstacles, particularly the greater front end support which may be related to wheelbase growth.

Coming Improvements:

  • Increase bend stiffness with addition of tubing including Unidirectional 42msi fiber.
  • Improve safety on bonded junctions with mechanical lock.

IMG_20160729_192845784_HDR IMG_20160729_192935032