The Funny Fork future involves public testing including data collection with hope for scientific testing to parallel ‘seat of the pants’ rider feedback.   Data collection will be visual from action cameras, digital in the form of GPS, rotational, linear movement and pressure sensors, as well as of course rider feedback.  I expect to take small steps to achieve this and have started with simple video collection.

Visual Data-
Source:  Action Cameras, High Speed Cameras, Stationary Cameras
Application Notes:  Initially I was planning on using video for simply capture and review but that was before I stumbled upon affordable Tracker the Video Analysis and Modeling Tool which is not only free but has tons of support.

  • Action Cam  located on Top Tube and Tracking Points located on riders body for tracking rider movement.
  • High Speed Camera for suspension movement.
  • Stationary Camera for logging rider movements through cones, around course, or over obstacles.

Digital and Analog Signals-
Source:  GPX Pro, AIM EVO4S/5, Stopwatch.
Application Notes:  Logging suspension travel, gps, speed, steering input, shock pressure, brake pressures, strain/force measurements, bike position.

  • Have experience with both GPX Pro and AIM Race Studio.
  • High cost but high quality data assuming the needs justify it.
  • Use to correlate other data or in closed course scenarios.

Rider Feedback-
Source:  Test Rider Feedback, Public closed course testing, owners.
Application notes:  Testing catalog method tbd, could be integrated into website.

  • Rider VLOGS
  • Public closed course data logged tests.
  • Test Rider Documentation and VLOG contribution.