Funny Fork – Data Logging

The Funny Fork future involves public testing including data collection with hope for scientific testing to parallel ‘seat of the pants’ rider feedback.   Data collection will be visual from action cameras, digital in the form of GPS, rotational, linear movement and pressure sensors, as well as of course rider feedback.  I expect to take […]

Funny Fork – Public Introduction

The Funny Fork project started as the simple desire to understand the handling characteristics of suspensions systems which were non telescopic in nature.  Having few modern interpretations of linkage suspension systems available to test and tinker, I set about creating one.  My goal was a prototype which would allow for a variety of setup options […]

Running list of 3d Printing Tips

For years I managed to outsource rapid prototyping but as costs decreased and material properties improved it became reasonable to bring some work in house.  The first printer I ran was at Three R Plastics and was a Taz 5 without an enclosure.  The ambient temperature swings of an efficient office environment proved detrimental to long builds […]

Rebuilding my 3d Printer (Head Alignment)

Sometime in 2015 I picked up a 3D printer at MicroCenter of the open box variety.  The few hundred in savings out of the gate seemed a good bargain at the time but it also meant the second extruder was malfunctioning out of the box, and a few parts were missing.  Not unlike most second […]