Disassembling the RP23 and setting up this damper for a lower spring rate.

Today I was tinkering with dampers with the hope of opening up the compression and rebound for the faster needs required suspending the front end(lower spring rates).  I pulled the RP23 off the FF-01 which is currently mounted on a Turner Sultan running 27.5+ setup.  I believe the RP23 has 3 damping circuits, compression and rebound, and a third which is a bypass circuit which acts as a blow-off on compression, adjustable by the 1,2,3 settings on the blue arm.  I chose to reduce the force required in all circuits by removing support shims from each stack-up or replacing them with smaller diameter spacers to retain stack height.  I did this because I believed the stack height was critical to allowing the bypass to perform properly.   This is not my area of expertise but after some cumbersome bleeding things started functioning properly.