Seatpost Pan and Seat Foam Construction:
The seat subframe is covered with a seat pan which is covered with foam and a vinyl covering.

The seat subframe consists of 4 parts. These instructions are only for the Seatpost Mount.

  1. Composite/3d printed subframe.
  2. Head tube/Top tube mount.
  3. Seatpost mount.
  4. Seat Pan and Seat Foam (You are here)

Parts Required:

  • 1 x 12inx36inx3in PET Foam
  • 1 x 12inx36in Low Density Seat Foam
  • 1 x 12in x 36in High Density Seat Foam
  • 1 x 24x48in 1/8in ABS Sheet
  • 3 x M6 Adhesive Mount Studs – Mcmaster 97590A788
  • 3 x M6 Flange Nuts – Mcmaster 96194A101

Instructions Seat Pan…

  1. Cut 1/8in ABS Sheet to match the seat pan area on the seat subframe. Create a pattern using paper if the ABS won’t drape the curved surface.
  2. Heat ABS sheet with heat gun until it drapes curved seat pan surface.
  3. Tap seat pan to seat subframe and drill three, 7mm holes, 1 at the front of the seat and 2 in the rear through both the seat pan ABS material and the seat itself.
  4. Bond threaded mount studs to seat pan using nuts on the studs to hold the seat pan in place.
  5. Mate with frame and seatpost mount and Head/Top tube mount before drilling holes for flat screw or Head/Top tube mount.

Instructions Foam…

  1. With seat pan on frame cut PET foam in general shape of seat pan. Use a turkey cutter or sharp razors.
  2. With seat pan mounted to seat subframe spray both seat pan and PET foam with 3m super 77 glue.
  3. Let glue set until tacky and attach the pet foam to the seat pan. Wrap entire assembly in shrink wrap.
  4. Let set for 24 hours.
  5. Trim foam with turkey cutter around perimeter of seat pan.
  6. Trim foam seating area with turkey cutter until it resembles the general seat shape. Scalloped surface may remain.
  7. Spray PET foam and low density foam with super 77 and let glue get tacky before wrapping set area in low density foam.
  8. Repeat process with high density foam, trimming both materials at the edge of the seat pan.
  9. Spray both vinyl and high density foam with super 77 and wait until its tacky before stretching it over the foam and seat pan. Make sure the edge of the seat pan on the bottom has glue as well.
  10. Staple and trim vinyl before completion.