It was finally time for the Funny Fork to receive some updates.  So here is what has been done.

  1. Updated Triple Clamp which includes bonded and pressed steerer with lower as well as stem integrated with upper clamp.  
  2. Larger diameter ‘strut’ tube bonded to existing strut lower.  Existing strug lower was cut to leave a flange for bonding the larger OD tubing.  
  3. Swingarm reduced in length by 2in from 6.875in to 4.875in 
  4. Integrated ‘brake wing’ with fixed position.
  5. Bolt on axle, to allow testing alternate axle spacing and hubs. 

What are we testing here?  The first three updates were to account for flaws with the current design.  Specific flaws/Solutions include: 

  1.  Steerer tube clamp caused ‘jacking’ failure where by the steerer would slowly work its way upward, even bending a flange intended to stop said failure.  The solution was a large bonding surface and a bonded steerer with internal flanged plug. 
  2.  Upper clamp hardware was too underrated and either stretched or was not effective. We updated the upper clamps surface area and hardware sizes as well as integrated a stem. 
  3. Strut leg tube diameter increase is to help reduce deflection. A larger diameter tube with different layup schedule was used.  
So that is what we fixed, here is what we are testing:
  1. Stiffness and durability of upper hardware and strut.  
  2. Wheel paths matching more closely that of a standard telescopic fork. 
  3. 100% anti dive