Like all great projects it started as  completely unnecessary craigslist search query “scca, racecar, project”.  This yields results and the gem that sparkled from the group was an open wheeler located in Ann Arbor and owned by a woman who had originally intended to race it with her engineering co-workers at Ford.  For whatever reason I found myself on a road trip and what I found looked promising.

All the ingredients were there and the cherry on top had to be the custom built trailer which included ramps.  I made some arrangements to drive up the next weekend with a friend.

After a great road trip, I rolled it from the garage and had some time to take stock of what I had.  I could not fit in the car, my shoulders were too wide and the cage was too high while the position was to low.  As though it was built for a giraffe, and I was built like a taller Castanza.

Next up, cutting metal.

The Vee: Part 2