A database of all the vehicles I have ever owned. Pics of actual vehicles.

1990 GT Performer JR
-My first transportation unit. Baby blue in color with mag wheels it was a great first bike, couldn’t have asked for more.
-Ridden from 1990-1993
-Handed down to Lotus

1992 GT Performer
-Nothing new here, just a scaled up 20″ version of my previous bike. It was a bit large at first but I grew into it. I want to say it was black but I could be wrong. I do remember it felt heavy compared to my brothers Dyno.
-Ridden from 1993-1997
-Bike made me realize my brother was mostly better at 2 wheels than I could ever be, still true.

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Benchek Go-Kart
-Bought in 1992 for $85 from a constantly cigar smoking neighbor. The frame sat in his yard as weeds grew around it and he payed more attention to his other karts. I first spotted it while delivering papers and after a few months I asked how much.
-Immediately it required a lot of work. I don’t have a great memory of the kart prior to my fathers modifications, likely because I never actually used it.
-My dad made new axle carriers and had them welded to the frame and mated to a heavy duty keyed shaft.
-Tecumseh 3.5hp, Forget the clutch brand, but bought aftermarket weights and springs to get it popping to its calculated top speed of 40mph… almost like a car we thought.
-First learned to drift with this kart.

Sears fiberglass Rowboat
-6hp Evinrude from my Pa
-Rode it everywhere, especially fun was Saturday McDonalds trips.
-Transom busted when going on a run with the 9.9 and left us stranded.

1993 Honda TRX 300EX
-My grandpa bought it for us kids when we were far too young to have any business riding it.
-Came with studded tires and maybe a spare set of aftermarket rims.
-Rode daily around the neighborhood, was the second vehicle I drifted.
-Beat on it for years it finally died at Black River Falls with John T and my Grandpa

2003 Honda 300ex Motorcycles for sale

1995 Trek 820
-Upgraded to Manitou elastomer damper fork, updated that to springs.

1995 Trek 820 - Bicycle Details - BicycleBlueBook.com

1991 GT RTS-1
-Bought on classifieds.
-Cracked frame, dad had welded.
-Sold to Jeremy Good, bought back 15 years later, later stolen.

1975 Kawasaki F7 Enduro KE175
-Street Legal
-Got my moto license the day I got my drivers license.
-Rode year round, was a real chick magnet.
-Seized it several times as its oil injection was less than reliable.

1. 1987 GMC S15
-Was a hand me down from my dad, worked great until it didn’t.

1989 GMC S15 Sierra Classic P/U Ext. Cab Automatic 6 CYLINDER NO RESERVE

2. 1978 BMW 530i
-Bought with John T and my dad… first manual car my dad left the dealer John T and I had to figure it out.
-Bought for $1,200 from premier automotive or something like that in Palatine Illinois, the Rt12 Used Car Corridor of Doom!
-Dealer refused to fill the tank when bought, got home realized tank had a leak when full, required $400 gas tank which took months to get from Germany.
-Replaced gas tank, a year later the motor experienced a knock, likely because of abuse, or low oil pressure.
-Rebuilt by Mr. Black was perfect after that.
-Daily drove this car to school and then to Delia’s at the mall where I cut my teeth in basic bitch retail.
-Parking brake broke in Kyle B’s driveway and it rolled down the hill and crumpled the rear fender.
-Sold to a body shop owner in Crystal Lake Illinois who was a total tool. To this day I will remember that guy as someone who made a deal over the phone and changed the deal when we drove there to meet him. I should have walked but this was a great lesson, it morally hardened me in future transactions.

Yamaha Banshee
-Model year unknown.
-Bought from farm house off rt 31 right out of town.

2000 Gary Fisher Joshua MTB
-Specs unknown… will update

3. 1994 Infiniti G20
-Brought From a friend Brian B. who gave me a major deal.
-Black on Tan, automatic.
-SR20DE…….. nope, keep waiting, no T, got no T.
-Hit a deer on the way home from a concert in the city with John M, Matt D, and Mike M.
-Experienced knock after the accident, Mr. Black replaced the Tbelt and I continued to daily drive to my job at Borders Book Store Cafe as a Barista.
-Totaled the car driving to work at Borders when I swerved to avoid a minivan who was sliding in a snow storm, my only out was the shoulder where I got caught in the snow and the car dragged against the guard rail.

4. 1989 BMW 535i
-Bronzite Beige Metallic
-Bought of 176 near 294.
-From a personal car collection.
-My first ‘fast’ car, maxed it out with John T. on the way home from Lake Geneva motocross track and got pulled over. Somehow walked with a basic ticket despite going way too fast.
-So much BMW car club fun with this car, Shell/Euroteknik meets etc..
-Had only one flaw, miss on acceleration, coil fixed that then it was a dream.
-Did a few mods, bought 745i Turbo kit, then sold car.
-745i Turbo/Manifold was sold to Brad D, met him in the process of selling.

1983 Honda 750 V4 Interceptor
-Hydraulic clutch made wheelies a pain in the ass.
-My first sport bike, technically I had Marco’s(was that his name?) ZX6r for months on end, while I loaned him my 175 to learn to ride. He was a chill dude who traded temporarily as his parents didn’t want him to learn to ride or pass his test on a sport bike so we temporarily swapped.
– Roosted from burbs to city, enjoyed every trip.
-Sold to a collector who picked it up in winter, I can remember the day because it required me driving it to work in the snow, which was holy hell.

5. 1987 Subaru Justy GL
-FWD, Rusted Floorboards, bought for $175+ TTL
-Fixed floor boards with Brandon H at 3r old shop. Used a road sign and angle iron to fabri-cobble a floor board, it worked and was sealed with silicone and hope, continued to hold until the car became a ‘racecar’.
-Rallied all over town hard, with whoever would go.
-Homeless Despot, go behind the lot, to the gravel pit.
-Ran at Rockford Speedway in the Hornets class. Placed on my first races but was taken out in the main while heading for the lead.

6. 1985 Honda Prelude Si
-What Is Emo Car…. yah you will know if you know.
-Skull shifter, matte black paint roller paint.
-Brake lines broke after 6 months leaving me in a ditch.

7. 90 GMB Platform
-Can’t even remember which one, just remember its a GM-B, probably a 90 Delta 88 but I couldn’t tell you.
-First car I hated with a passion, can’t even admit to what degree.

8. 1987 Honda Civic Si
-Rockford used car purchase, from one of the few dozen lots littered on the outskirts of town.
-Smelt like piss when we bought it, took months to remove the piss smell.
-Overheated in traffic, overheated on the highway, and overheated in general.
-Funnest Honda I have ever driven. Torsion bar front suspension like an early 911.
-Did a weekend turbo job, with a junk yard volvo turbo, manifold adapter made by my dad on the cnc and the rest made by myself.
-Turbo setup lasted two weeks before the turbo was blowing smoke.
-Boost was wastegate at 6psi and roosted hard when on boost.

2001 Trek 7000 MTB
-Aluminum bought from Bryan B
-Last rim brake mtb.
-Last old GEO MTB
-Felt fast and fun, then felt fast, then barely felt fast or fun.

9. 2003 Subaru Imreza WRX
-First factory turbo car.
-Gary lang, douche bags.
-Blue, manual, wagon.
-Rims first, can’t remember the brand, but not a great one, painted Gold.
-Tein coilovers with EDFC that felt pretty rad.
-Bought stage 3 with TurboXS piggyback ECU, can’t remember the name.
– Installed Injectors, APS-C Intercooler, VF39 Turbo, STI Diverter, Borla Downpipe, Borla Up-pipe, Silicone Hoses including that fricking difficult funky one.
-Brembo STI rotors/Calipers
-Rota Rims
-Gman, RallyCross, and other events.

Photos by Mike Minor

10. Toyota Corolla 1978
-Hatchback, Dual Webbers.
-Texas car, ebay, arrive and drive, was brutal. John T went with for the trip, was brutal, but we visited Brad D.
-John says we killed the car on the way home, I say it was still fine part of the way home, but I fell asleep.
-No air filters, was gnarly drove home, Andrew drifted kaboom.

File:1978 Toyota Corolla (KE50R) liftback (2015-05-28) 03.jpg - Wikimedia  Commons
Not the actual car.

11. 1978 Datsun 280z
-SCCA ITS Race car
-Drove at GMAN, and Oval
-Ignition problem kept us frustrated, but eventually we got help and found we read the MSD grounding diagram way wrong
– Added Fuel cell
-Penske dampers, really well developed except for shift linkage, could never get it not to grind.

12. 1989 Mazda Miata
-red, first miata, sick
-Viscous LSD, drifted well.
-Drove to Tennessee
-Sold to Jason A, tbelt broke not long after, brutal.

NA Miata Buyer's Guide - First-Gen Mazda MX-5 Common Issues

13. 1978 BMW 323i Euro
-Bought from a legend Ricky H. Two tone, Fire extinguisher, 5 Speed, 6 cylinders, dual exhaust, basically tits on pancakes for dinner.
-Removed trick bodykit, was hiding rust, treated rust, moved on.
-Drove the snot out of it, replaced the exhaust.
-Did the water pump, timing belt, and fixed a random start issue.
-Got Nokian Hakkapalitas and drove the snot out of the Michigan U.P…. Winning
-Had exhaust replaced with ansa mufflers by local shop.
-Traded for e30 318is

All 323i photos by Mike Minor

14. 1997 BMW 318ti
-white, automatic, cloth, and pretty minty when bought.
-Repainted and fixed rust in rear 1/2 after a few years of ownership.
-Did alternator, radiator, air pump, injectors, coils, struts, and many more things.

Picture by Mike Minor

15. 2007 WRX STi
-Bought new from SOS
-Urban Gray Metallic with rubber floor mats.
-Traded in the WRX wagon after bringing it back to stock and replacing the block after blowing it.
– Never modified
-Brake pad separated from backing, inside warranty, dealer refused to change within warranty, got SOA involved, done fixed.
-Cat failed in down pipe caused a clog, dealer asked me to drive to them I refused had to pay for a tow… Dealer re-imbursed tow after they found the cat failed within warranty.
-6 months after cat fail, valve dropped while going to the grocery store. Subaru of America was involved, 3-4 months later Libertyville Subaru finally replaced the motor. Tried to pull a fast one when I picked it up and tried to charge me for the tow. Had to use voicemail from SOA to shut the service manager at Libertyville Subaru up.
-Bought snows and did 2 Rallycross events one with Mike M and one with Jay J.

Picture by Mike Minor

16. 1991 BMW 318iS
-Traded for e21, big mistake.
-Daily drove during West Chicago Commute.
-Drifted the snot out of it.
-Stopped driving because Justy…..
-Sold to Nic P

Introducing Maxine the BMW 318 - Red Eye Garage

17. 1991 Subaru Justy RS AWD
-AWD, Manual Justy
-Taught everyone I know how to drift in snow with AWD by tearing up Chicago Suburban unoccupied neighborhoods.
-White on Gray sold to my hermano.

18. 1982 Fiat Spider 124
-Bought with Hermano in Oconomowoc Wi.
– Basic at purchase no major issues.
-Immediately started stripping to build into Abarth like clone.
-Painted Red/Flat Black
-Stripped interior and rebuilt cosmetics.
-Got Hard Top.
-Created custom front brakes using Honda Civic Si Rotors and Calipers.
-Custom Exhaust
-Custom coilovers front and Bilstein’s rear.
-Drove to Indy to see Moto GP 2009, thanks Dad.
-Drove to Road America 4x, Drove to Autobahn 2x, drove to Gingerman 1x

19. 1991 BMW 535i
-Bought from Texas with Brandon H. facilitating everything.
-New clutch and rear main seal at BMW meet.
-Painted intake manifold and exhaust and did head gasket.
-Bought MSW Mesh Wheels, Blaupunkt and Snow Tires.

2005 Gary fisher Sugar 4+

20. BMW 525i 1995
-Bought from Ed, yah the legendary Ed.
-Needed a coil and a fuel pump to bring it back to life was causing them issues.
-Drove it to and from work for a few months and sold friend of a friend.

21. BMW 535i 1991
-Automatic, with bad transmission, bought for nothing.
-Very nice condition except for trans.
-Removed and rebuilt the transmission.
-Blaupunkt everything cause it was a daily driver.
-Kept driving it until Scott H. sold me the swapped wagon.
-Killed trans jumping Scotts wagon in snowstorm, idiot move.

2007 Giant Reign

22. BMW 535i Touring 1993
-Bought from Scott H, of E34 audio fame, and personally a really great dude.
-So much going on here, too much to list now.

2003 Bianchi 26in Single Speed MTB

23. 2003 BMW 325i Touring
-Bought in Atlanta with John T
-Drove to tail of dragon, tires were trashed.
-Bought new tires at a Walmart where we slept.
-4 Years of ownership, 100k miles, 8 coils replaced, vanos seals, coolant system twice, rotors twice, pads 5x, 3x tires, and many many many many more things.

2008 Redline D660

2006 Jamis Comet

2007 Ridley Supercross

2007 Turner Sultan

2009 Turner Sultan
-Bought back after sold.
-Rode Moab, Reveille Peak Ranch, Copper Harbor, PNW, Brown County, Kingdom Trails Vermont and Burke Mountain
-Updated to 650b Mid Fat
-Added Funny Fork


24. Formula Vee Race car.
-Bought in Michigan with Mark T
-Modified including cage and bodywork to be legal
-Drove at gman

25. 2001 BMW 540i
-Bought with John T in Madison
-6 speed M Sport package
-Minty fresh, fast but started blowing coolant stuffs as it does…
-Blamo someone hit me, brutal.. yah car toast.

26. 2002 Honda Insight
-Manual 5 speed, bought for a steal.
-Added trunk bike rack, it broke
-Added roof bike rack, both rook and hitch rack caused tooo much drag, killed batteries.
-Lasted 1 year but was fun while it lasted.

2007 Specialized Hardrock 29er
-Bought from John B
-Converted to ss
-Sold back to John B maybe?

27. 1998 BMW M3
-Hellrot Red
-137k Minty Fresh
-Bilsteins, Lightweight Wheels(forget which type but lightest 17″ you could buy at the time)
-Drove to Copper Harbor, Brown County, Madison and Cabin.

28. 2002 VW Golf TDi
-Bought with Tommy E in Green Bay
-Automatic with a dying trans
-Andrew G. Did tbelt and a few other things
-Smashed up then replaced fender and painted

29. 1991 Mazda Miata
-Bought from Jim
-Windy City Miata AX
-Added Koni, Roll Bar, Torsen Diff, Spec Racer springs, Spec roll bars.

30. 2003 Mini Cooper
-From Dad a year after the Miata smashup
-Great car to drive
-Drove to tail of the dragon with Jeremy C
-Didn’t last, shorting cause corrosion in wiring harness

2015 Trek Stache

31. 1994 Ford Escort GT
-Bought in Portland just for the trip.
-Bought with Joe D.
-Did tbelt, water pump, all motor mounts
-Lasted many many many years.

Alterna Cycles Prototype X1

1997 Klein Mantra Starbust

32. 1938 Porsche 944
– Bought from prof. of Engineering at Perdue
-Bought near my Birthday 2019

33. 1986 BMW 735i
-Bought near my Birthday 2020
– Bought in Nebraska, drove home with Jay, drove out in 1 way rental.
-Bought most parts required to fix, including full rear suspension bushing rehab and related driveline components.
-Added A2W Intercooler
-Drove Spectator Drags and Rockford Speedway

34. 2005 Honda Element
-Took in to fix for my grandpa when he bought a new car instead.
– Deciding to keep it in the family as a road trip/daily driver.
-Needs love, serious love.

2001 BMW f650GS Dakar
-Bought from Jordan
-Took to Vegas Trip 2022

34. 2018 BMW M2
-Bought with 36k Miles
-Road tripped to California, to Georgia via the Midwest
-Trackday 1
-Texas/Indy Roadtrips

35. 2015 VW Golf SEL
-Bought from John T’s Mom at 60k Miles
-White on Black
-Larger wheel package

36. 1969 BMW 2002
-Bought from Einar and Grace
-Converted to electric from 93-96, daily driven during the summer from 97-2019
-Flat towed back from Long Beach CA via Las Vegas, getting married and staying with John T.