Some stuff I have been listening to. I am sorting by some basic categories. Some of these albums are 10 years old some 20, some real fresh. I stumble upon old artists I’ve never heard, and new artists I was never introduced to etc.. Some develop into better artists over time and get more into them. These categories are horrible but I denote some subgroups within the genres. If I don’t list a particular album I suggest listening to the artists catalog. If I list a specific song, that artist may only have one banger I like.

If I have a takeaway from what I’m listening to is the trends now vs 10 years ago. In the late 2000’s my music was dominated by artists who maybe had their best work in the late 90s, or was a band from the 90s maturing into their best phases. From the 2010’s onward streaming and youtube and bandcamp made smaller more niche artists available and viable as touring acts supported by direct online revenue. My general philosophy is still one of music is food, eat the wrong food too often and your taste buds become incapable of consuming other foods. Maybe if you only eat cake etc… You get the picture.

Jazz, Classical, Prog Rock, Garage/Punk/Alt/Metal/Psych, Straight Rock/Indy, Folk Rock/Country, Pop/Electronic/R&B, Hip Hop/Rap


Snarky Puppy


Miles Mosley





Prog Rock

The Aristocrats (Jazz Guitar)

Porcupine Tree

Steve Hackett

Tatsuya Yoshida (Prog Drummer)


Shoegaze, Industrial, Pop Punk, Post Punk, Math Rock, Emo, Alternative Rock

Ty Segall

The Heralds (Post Punk)

Dissolution Wave

Dead Heat (Thrash)

Militarie Gun

Strawman Arm (Gov Mule meets Mission to Burma?)

Fiddlehead (EmoMathRock)

The Chats – Smoko (Just a single banger from this aspiring proto punk band)

Nothing (Shoegaze)

Be Well (Hardcore)


Straight Rock/Indy/Folk Rock

Cheap Trick – Cheap Trick (maybe one of the first pop punk albums?)

Pretenders – Pretenders (maybe one of the first pop punk albums?)

DeerHunter (this group could exist in mayn categories)

Courtney Barnett

The Strokes – The New Abnormal

Clarke and the Himselfs/ Clarke Herself

Stereophonics – Oochya


Pop/Pop Rock/R&B/Dance/Ambient

Talking Heads – Stop Making Sense is one of the best live performances ever recorded, holds up.

XTC – Drums and Wires is an amazing album.

Louis Cole (Jazz Drummer meets pop songwriting, one of the top 5 artists on this list)

Thundercat (Jazz Bassist)

Strong Boi