I still remember the 80’s but its clear to me that the MTB seed wasn’t planted in my life until the 90’s wave of recreational entertainment rolled through my VCR.  I’m not sure who started this trend, I like to think its Warren Miller but I imagine people have been and will be watching others do fun stuff for a long time.  The recent wave of watching gamers game has inspired me to dig out the old VHS tapes and attempt to understand the difference, if any, between these forms of vicarious pleasure.

Rodando Por Ti (Rolling for You)



Stronger than Dirt 2.0

Tread the Movie
Some would say its way better than Re_tread, I think it depends on which you saw first.

90’s World Cup Coverage
Lopes, Giovi, and the transition from no suspension to full suspension, whats not to love.




ChainSmoke 1996
This really sealed the deal for me.  Palmer, Giovi and the first real free riding.