Microphone Enclosure

Sometimes a project stumbles into your lap through channels you don’t expect.  In this case a long time friend was working with a musician on their live tour engineering when he had an idea.  What if we could use some of the more delicate and sensitive studio microphones on stage.  He reached out and we […]

Funny Fork – Ride VLOG 1 – Low to Zero Trail Setup

Ridden today is the FF-02 on Silver Lake Wisconsin local singletrack. This setup is a low to Zero trail setup meaning the self centering forces acting upon the wheel are less and subsequently the rider requires more input. Results were as expected, very light and very flick-able steering and all the benefits which come with […]

Mini Ductor Venom

A long time coming, the Mini Ductor Venom production build is finally assembled.  Fit, function and appearance exceeded many of my expectations and early feedback from users and buyers are thumbs up.   It’s always nice when the completion of a project means a new tool for my garage.   To learn more about the […]