Funny Fork Major Update

It was finally time for the Funny Fork to receive some updates.  So here is what has been done. Updated Triple Clamp which includes bonded and pressed steerer with lower as well as stem integrated with upper clamp.   Larger diameter ‘strut’ tube bonded to existing strut lower.  Existing strug lower was cut to leave a […]

Funny Fork – Data Logging

The Funny Fork future involves public testing including data collection with hope for scientific testing to parallel ‘seat of the pants’ rider feedback.   Data collection will be visual from action cameras, digital in the form of GPS, rotational, linear movement and pressure sensors, as well as of course rider feedback.  I expect to take […]

Funny Fork – Ride VLOG 1 – Low to Zero Trail Setup

Ridden today is the FF-02 on Silver Lake Wisconsin local singletrack. This setup is a low to Zero trail setup meaning the self centering forces acting upon the wheel are less and subsequently the rider requires more input. Results were as expected, very light and very flick-able steering and all the benefits which come with […]

Funny Fork – Public Introduction

The Funny Fork project started as the simple desire to understand the handling characteristics of suspensions systems which were non telescopic in nature.  Having few modern interpretations of linkage suspension systems available to test and tinker, I set about creating one.  My goal was a prototype which would allow for a variety of setup options […]

FF-01 – Update # 2

Overview: It’s been about a month now since first trail testing the FF-01 and although it is too early to make claims about performance,  handling or ride characteristics, it is exciting to know the FF-01 is daily handling the tasks of trail riding.   Upgrades during Update  #1 were successful and there is no feedback either […]

FF-01 – Update # 1

Overview:   Week 1 was a blast.  I had some time at Kettle and some time around the neighborhood but  also had my first broken part.  The part which broke was intended to be produced out of titanium but at the time it was not ready to ride so I produced an aluminum part in […]

Funny Front Ends: Part 1

The ubiquity of the telescopic fork is something i’ve always thought to be a curious subject.  The absence of  linkage forks in OEM applications, outside of BMW, and a few other niche products, is often attributed to their ‘feel’ being very different than  telescopic forks.   This difference in feel is related to the objective differences in wheel-path […]