It seems a common phenomenon to be transported back in time, or place based on a song, album, or some other sensory distraction.   Unlike a computer, my memory has, with time, blurred this meta data together and it’s in that fog that it would be helpful to have a rough log of the music which captured my attention during a given time period.  So i’m starting a tradition, augmenting my memory with some Audio Dumps.  So here it goes, Summer Audio Dump 2016


Antonio Carlos Jobim: Fine
This album is my go to afternoon Bossa Nova.  That may be the lamest thing I’ve ever said, but i’m ok with that because these songs are smooth.  This version of Águas De Marco is fun but somehow In my head I imagined one of them at the piano.



Sebadoh – Bakesale
These guitars never get old, and the lyrics also put a lighter side on the darkest sides of life. This album seems to sum up a generation of raw sound in music which seems to rarely make its way mainstream these days.



My Morning Jacket – Waterfall
This album opens with what I can only describe as a worship song, it may also be the best song on the album, but probably not, that would be , In Its Infancy.  Probably a lot of easily placed sounds but I appreciate comfort food, one might say this albums full of it.



Tosca – Fuck Dub – (Entire Collection of Tosca)
There is something refreshing about a bass/drum line that pierces through and keeps a song dieseling forward.  Sure Fuck Dub is layered and interesting, but no matter how many times I hear the hooks its that bass and snare which keeps me coming back.  * I may just be a sucker for bass because I recently watched the Jaco Pistorius Documentary.

Vince Staples – Summertime ‘06 
Hard to argue with honesty. I think Vince Staples is best known in my mind as the only rapper who proclaims ‘no chain, not now not ever’; not that their is anything wrong with that, as he says ‘its good for 2 chainz’.  I’m a sucker again for thee base and creative production on this Norf Norf video.


Operation Ivy – Operation Ivy
This album stands out among those that came before and those that came after.  Shame that in my youth I listened to more derivatives of this album than I did the original.  I have corrected that since.

Notable Mention:  Descendants – All, which I would say is an anthem for male youth.

Albums which sound different, this is a mental note, I still rock this album but…  Smoking Popes, Get Fired.  I find it hard to sing the songs without feeling kinda hopelessly cheesy.

*This list could grow